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Today, our focus is on the visual side of the label and the work of Dan Conway Linktree, who covered our two forthcoming releases, with the help of Zoe Genders Web.
Moskalus Premiere, July 26

We feel incredibly fortunate to have him collaborating with us. ‍


Dan Conway creates captivating videos by projecting them onto Zoe Genders' 3D structure in real-time, and mesmerizing videos using motion graphics based on the release's cover arts. Dan's skills truly bring visuals to life.


Unlisted Video
Dan has not only covered our last two projects but has also been a part of our collective since its beginning.

Lefrenk, ES‍

Lefrenk - Plastic - ECU112
#electro #techno
Release date: 8/11/2023‍

illocanblo, RU

illocanblo - Liminal Rhythms - ECU009
#electronica #ambient‍
Release date: 8/18/2023‍
The Label is delighted to present these inspiring creations,
and we sincerely appreciate your support.
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Due to an error with the gift codes that were included in our previous newsletter, we kindly ask you to reach out to us if you are interested in receiving a new one.
 Special Treatment [ECU117] by Gabo Rio
 空間 Kūkan [ECU118] by NYORAI
Retro Futurism [ECU114] by J-LOWER
 Star Drifter [ECU109] by Jodövade
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