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News from the Catalog!

News from the Catalog!

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Hello world,‍
Thank you for being part of our community of electronic music enthusiasts! 2023 is definitely a productive year for our label, filled with fantastic support, premieres, and great reviews.

We are truly honored to share that label boss, Mike Griffin, has been featured in the prestigious Igloo Magazine, which includes a profile and interview by Anne Jackson.

Mike Griffin

We are grateful for this recognition and remain committed to delivering exceptional music experiences under Mike's visionary leadership.

We love merch.

Ambient music and Cassettes‍. Welcome Deeb.

"Ovunque Andiamo" is an 8-track composition that aims to create a serene atmosphere through minimalist drones and calming atmospheres.‍‍

Colored vinyls, black vinyls and CDs. Welcome Leonardo Barbadoro.‍
Musica Automata

From HELICAL Italy, "Musica Automata" is an orchestra of automated instruments – robots – controlled by digital impulses.

Our retail catalog is available to US buyers only.

Pre-order open. Shipping expected by the end of the month.

More music.

Here is a selection of the music we have recently released. We invite you to give these beautiful albums a listen!

Broken beat classic




Abstract experimental ambient


Dark goth industrial poem

Sergio Mariani

Drone pedal steel guitar


Electronica braindance

To be announced‍.

We are excited to reach the end of 2023 together and share many good vibes with you.
Welcome to grab a code before everyone else ☆♪
J-LOWER‍ returns with 90 Seconds To Midnight.
J-LOWER, To be announced

Electro electro acid tech-house everything

/-  pc59-bzkz  -/-  kkkq-w7mb  -/
/-  kzy6-cekw  -/-  utkk-w3g4  -/
/-  lkzt-xsfm  -/-  4zty-jse6  -/
/-  q2zy-kdry  -/-  gxtz-6lwf‍  -/
/-  cryc-696v  -/-  slue-yzz9  -/


BOTO / SPACE ROCKET TRAINS. A debut album by Scale.
Scale, To Be Announced

Vocal shop‍ half step abstract hiphop

/-  smm2-cbqc  -/-  sb8a-xc6w  -/
/-  hk4c-evn4  -/-  hnpc-3y5m  -/
/-  hd94-wfng  -/-  qhth-cpvu  -/
/-  9cnj-w2gp  -/-  nsw8-ccfn  -/
/-  5qht-wcej  -/- bgc3-hwry‍  -/

Please. Make sure to add the release(s) in your collection.

South-Florida commitment!‍

We will be meeting on November 30 at the same time and place, Propaganda Lake Worth, and we will have a new guest joining us.
We wish you to enjoy. Share if you like.



Considered as Electronic Press-Kit

Credits to The Artist's Statements, Copyright by EC Underground LLC  - All rights Reserved

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