News from the Catalog! What's on 2024

News from the Catalog! What's on 2024

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Hello everyone,
We hope you had a great start into a Happy New Year, which hopefully will be a peaceful, healthy, and filled with great vibes.

Let's celebrate 2024‍ ☆♪

Soul Data Transfer
‍Eponymous EP, 12" colored

Just Announ‍ced.

Release date: Feb 16, 2024

A solid example of highbrow keyboard exercises in tonic excellence. Recommended for fans of Autechre, Gescom, Ital Tek and Lanark Artefax.

Soul Data Transfer

Preview available at Soundclou‍d

Pre-order is happening already via Norman Records, UK and HHV, DE.


To be officially launched !

Release date: Jan 18, 2024

Abstract Hip Hop/IDM Experimental


Private listening is available through Soundcloud, and you can redeem our gift codes on Bandcamp.‍

>  3pud-623q  /  d6wp-khlz  /  pyhg-gj5g  <
>  82e3-3k23  /  klx9-y48r  /  keek-bqbl  <

> n67u-xzsj  /  lzld-jthy  /  qypp-kbmr  <

December 2023 is just around the corner. Have you checked out our latest albums?‍


Scale, Boto






ECU124 _ BOTO / SPACE ROCKET TRAINS, by Scale. Vocal Shop‍ Half Step Abstract Hiphop
ECU122 _ 90 Seconds To Midnight, by J-LOWER. Electro d’n’b acid tech-house everything
ECU014 _ Ovunque Andiamo, by Deeb. Ambient, Drone, Meditative on cassettes
ECU011 _ Les États De La Matière, by Mei. Dark ambient, Dark goth industrial poem

Exclusive Interview w/  Igloo Magazine

EC Underground :: Shaping the electronic music landscape ‍

We are thrilled to be featured by Igloo Magazine, which was written and interviewed by the talented Anne Jackson. We hope you are as curious as we are and that you enjoy the story!

ECU logo
Roel Funcken, Data Curation
ECU Mike and Flo

#HAVEYOUSEEN We extend our help and support to Roel Funcken from the Netherlands and his dog, Flip. In our store, we have a few CD copies of data curation left, along with some awesome stickers. Currently, there are approximately 5 copies remaining, including 1 signed copy eagerly awaiting fans, supporters, and enthusiasts.

All proceeds from the sales will be added to Flip's GoFundMe campaign 🙏‍

Save The Date, South-Florida

We continue our residency at Propaganda Lake-Worth.

We have a deep appreciation for the underground scene and the nostalgic old school vibes. How about you?‍

We wish you enjoyment. Share if you like.‍

Credits to The Artist's Statements, Copyright by EC Underground LLC  - All rights Reserved

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