News from the Catalog!

News from the Catalog!

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This Thursday, March 28th, don't miss the Mix Premiere on Ad Astra Electronic Radio. Our show starts: 3pm EST Miami, 8pm GMT Paris.
Piano Day And The 88 Notes, Edition #8 / A 2 hours Exclusive Mix by moiCflo ‍
Piano Day 2024 + Ad Astra

Check back our releases The 88 Notes Series 1 and 2

The 88 Notes - S1
The 88 Notes - S2
Our mix will be aired end-April 2024. Who knows The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape ? We invite you to keep an eye and your ears on the French radio show (broadcasted in France, UK, and Greece) that features international artists creating their own mixtapes every week.
This year marks the 8th edition where we celebrate and promote our love for piano music.


Get to know what they think ! ‍

Soul Data Transfer EP 12"Vinyl - ECU012

The four tracks on Soul Data Transfer’s eponymous debut EP for ECU are delicately woven, abstract ambient-glitch morsels that flow and transcend space and time.‍

Soul Data Transfer

Mei - Les États De La Matière - ECU011

Mei confirms to have a nose for great and visionary Industrial music.
Best songs: “Équinoxe”, “Sushis”, “Aqua Ghoul”, “F**k You”.‍‍


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Exclusive playlist additions via the streaming platform Spotify. Click on the images.

The Hand Editions

The Hand Editions shared Handan Undralands (for dad) by Bistro Boy


Peaceful evening music

Mirage by Lyli J

Le Code (Ambient Daily) shared Mirage by Lyli J‍


Best of ambient

The Hand Editions

The Hand Editions shared Loop by Geraldine Kwik


Cinema dark Light


Nagamag scheduled to post a special review for "Bluebird" by X.U.L, on 29 March 2024 at 1:50 pm (Athens-Greece time)‍

Next releases‍

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Rodrigo Passannanti

Omnipresence by Rodrigo Passannanti‍ - ECU129


 Lyublyu / люблю by Galun -






Click on the images to listen privately or download your Gift version. Only a limited of Bandcamp codes available per link.‍

Past releases‍

Sergio Mariani
Eden Grey

Every month a live show

Join us for our monthly event at Propaganda Lake Worth Beach and our new event at Respectables Street in West Palm Beach, South Florida.
March 28
April 13
April 13

We wish you to enjoy.

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