ECU-102 - Energy n°13
  • Starting and running your own record label puts the keys to releasing others' music and yours! South Florida-based producer Mike Griffin began making electronic music under the name Energy No.13, later changing his name to InerVation to encompass a wider range of genres. He is now the co-owner of EC Underground, a record company with many disciplines in the business, including retail stores and a distribution hub for multiple labels from overseas. With his new EP Vertigo, Energy No.13 combines the influence of many sources as it’s mark. FULL DESCRIPTION
    Electro / Electronica / Energy No.13 / 13 is just a Number. Stay tuned for the Future.
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    Vertigo has been premiered on TRACKLISTINGS

    Mike Griffin profile moicflo.com/people/mike-griffin
    Content writing by Anne Jackson moicflo.com/about/what-we-do/annejackson
    Mastering by Frank Riggio moicflo.com/people/frankriggio
    Cover art by Julien Allegret moicflo.com/people/julienallegret

  • Artist Energy No13
  • Release Date : 2021-09-18
  • Country : United States
  • Producer : Energy No.13

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Fun de Mental


Happy feat.




ECU-102 - Energy n°13 "Vertigo" - Full EP (All Tracks)

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