LP - ECU-PTV-007 - Lone Shark - Spoke Duster - 2005
  • Artist Lone Shark
  • Catalog ECU-PTV-007
  • "Fresh twelve on for Lone Shark with keys spinning off in whorls over a beat and bass way too heavy for the home stereo system. This is fattest music, designed for the largest spaces and big systems, shocking drum breaks and a low end which will shake the spine into activity or disintegration. 'Vortex (Prozac mix)' introduces some welcome body-funk into the proceedings, matchless electro-boogie for true old skool heads, and some deadly rhythms to scare the new school. 'Spoke Duster' is a sprightly one, echoing the first wave of British electro and techno progenitors, before the word electronic was used freely, liquid music edging into the conclusion of 'Journey's End,' which completes the journey back into Irdial and b12, when there were few of the current divisions around. Credit : forcedexposure.com

    1. Lone Shark - The Fly Trap
    2. Vortex (Prozac Mix)
    3. Underground
    4. Spoke Duster
    5. Journey's End

  • Artist Lone Shark
  • Release Date : 2005-09-20
  • Publisher : Pyramid Transmissions
  • Producer : Ed Kelly


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LP - ECU-PTV-007 - Lone Shark - Spoke Duster - 2005 $14.00

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