Temporary Suspension of Livestream Programs

This is Flo. Unfortunately due to unexpected events, I am no longer able to take on the radio. My apologies.

I’m happy to have spent the last 2 years creating programs and shows that you can find on our Soundcloud.
I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and have less time to commit to the project and this wouldn’t be fair to you or other hosts as I wouldn’t be able to pull my weight.

You are welcome to follow our actualities and artists agenda.


WECU is the name of the ECU Channel & Online Radio which is a web broadcast radio dedicated to independent electronic music from South Florida, via the application MIXLR. mixlr.com/wecu

To promote cultural and musical diversity, we only broadcast independent artists, small or young labels and collectives, and musicians isolated or absent from professional broadcasting spaces and some unreleased too.


Since March 2020, we have discovered a lot of varieties of livestream shows. From 3 hours special to 48 hours non-stop. WECU evolves with the audience and also with the artists line-up, and for some, it became a new radio-host adventure.

In September 2021, WECU welcomes a brand-new monthly program of shows hosted by independent artists, collectives & record labels. Tune in every mid-month on Saturday. Enjoy some of the best shows out there as well as a music rotation of electro, electronica, ambient, bass, drum’n’bass & techno all day long.

We hope to get back sometimes. Peace, love & vibes.

(August 2022, suspension programs)


Meaux, DJ, Radio-host & Content writer, US-Florida
DJ Steve Brown, Radio-host, US, North Carolina
Heft, Producer, DJ & Radio-host, Myanmar (Burma)
Florence Meuleman ( aka moiCflo), Sync Agent, US, South Florida