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Our dearest friend DJ Steve Brown passed away on Sunday, March 20 suddenly. Our deepest sympathies go to his wife, kids, family and friends. Steve was a warm friend with lots of us. He was part of the WECU crew and has been hosting a monthly show since September 2020. He also has been part of many of our earlier 2020 “live stream” events bringing always the best gathering of electronic music and music lovers.

“You have touched so many lives here on WECU with your Sonic Landscape shows. You will be forever missed and loved by everyone in the music community. Rest in Peace, DJ Steve Brown”.
There is no grieving message that can express how much he meant to us. Music expands our ability to empathize, to sympathize, to humanize. It's a great story. A story we have been proud to share with you. #hugyourlovedonesclose



Saturday, April 16, during our monthly show,

we celebrate Steve Brown & Sonic Landscapes, a full day created and built by his music friends and favorite artists.

Show starts
with Mixes from Will Humphreys aka Makirikur, Nanopix and Cyance

Our host Heft presents a 2 hours tribute

We received mixes from Hyboid, Mrs. Jynx, Plant 43, Ambidextrous, ADJ, Wanz Dozer...


We would like to welcome anyone who wants to participate in our next shows happening May 21 and Jun 18 with 1 hour mix. We will also communicate about a special release linked to Steve Brown's family fundraising to happen this summer, on Steve's birthday, July 20, 2022.

While we ache in grief for the loss of our friend, we pay tribute and celebrate a life unforgotten and well lived.


THANK YOU @Igloo Magazine

and Anne Jackson for the heartbreaking homage


At this time, we would like to help his family with funeral costs. For those of you who want to help his family on behalf of Steve, please consider donating to and/or sharing this fundraiser : Steve leaves behind his wife, Nalani, his oldest son, Connor (26), his wife Kristen (25), and his four daughters, Savannah Corinne Brown (22), Zoe (19), Ellie (16), and April (12).

Wishing to everyone peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow.

Mike Griffin & Florence Meuleman, the team Meaux Andromeda, Anne Jackson, Heft, and all the guests...

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