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For Europe and elsewhere, check our references for details over bandcamp.



ECU101 - Heft "HERMITAGE" Album - 2021

Get to know more about Heft from Myanmar, Burma.

ECU102 - Energy No13 "Vertigo" EP - 2021

Get to know more about Energy No13, aka Mike Griffin

ECU103 - Energy No13 "e4EA" Single - 2017

Original self-release 2017 - Release ECU 2021 

ECU104 - Energy No13 "Half Truth" Single - 2018

Original self-release 2018 - Release ECU 2021 

ECU106 - Mei "Sacate Eksis Sak" Single - 2022

From KRYPTID album to be released end 2022


2xLP - ECU001 - bvdub - Fumika Fades "Coming soon"


1xLP - ECU002 - Chairweiner - P1LL5 " Released 9.09.22 "

Listen to the sing P1LL5, first fruit from his forthcoming four-track 12" gem of gratifying electronic music to be released on vinyl late summer.

1xPOSTER - ECU005 - Various - Sonic Landscapes " Released 7.20.22 "
In honor of such a wonderful family man whose life was cut short before his time, our label is organizing a special event with the release of a Compilation album linked to Steve Brown 's family fundraising to happen this summer, on Steve's birthday, July 20, 2022.
This fundraiser is to help support the Brown family with family expenses.